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LoL eSports - Faker Breaks Another Record at Worlds 2022

Published: 06:46, 15 October 2022
Riot Games
Faker is talking with his teammates during a tournament.
SKT T1 Faker

It wasn't long ago that Faker has broken the record of 100 games played on a World Championship stage, and now he has broken another one. One which is even harder to do.

Whenever we think of League of Legend s' eSports scene, we must think of Faker as well, the prodigy of the scene, and the one who helped, with his actions, Riot Games elevate the eSports scene to what it is today.

Faker has become a household name in League of Legends, in his 10-year-long career as a professional player. And as is the case with him, he breaks records left and right.

The most recent record he has broken is far harder to accomplish than just playing 100 games at the World Championship stage. After all, just playing games and doing well in them are two different things.

T1 T1 Faker T1 Faker - The household name

Up to this point, the record for most kills at the League of Legends World Championship was held by Uz, who had managed to rake in a total of 350 kills but at the 2022 LoL Worlds Faker overtook the bot laner earning his 351st kill on the biggest esports stage.

This record is also supported by the rest of Faker's stats, as he has won more than half of the Worlds games he has taken part in, and ahs always left the group stage in the first place.

That is right, where others struggle to leave the group stage at all, Faker has never done so in the second place even.

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