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League of Legends - Spirit Blossom Skin Line is Coming Back

Published: 22:28, 17 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends  champions Ahri and Riven splash arts
Spirit Blossom: Ahri and Riven already have their skins, now it's time for another mage and sword-user combo

Spirit Blossom is the last League of Legends event that was a success, and following the disaster that was Star Guardian, it seems Riot are trying to bank on Spirit Blossom once again, with new skins to wipe away the Star Guardian stains.

The last League of Legends event that Riot Games managed to make right, and that drew the attention of all fans was the Spirit Blossom event. It has everything, a good story, interesting interactive elements, an incredible skin line, and an in-client visual novel.

So now, after the failed event of Star Guardian, and a lackluster event that is Steel Valkyries , Riot are returning with a tested method with new Spirit Blossom skins for champions that may need them.

In the recently released teaser for the skins' release, we can see a few champions that will receive Spirit Blossom skins, without resorting to overt speculation:

  • Spirit Blossom Sett - The main character of the teaser, embarking on a journey in search of someone
  • Spirit Blossom Master Yi - A sword-wielding figure practicing under the waterfall, should be none other than Master Yi, as the other possible candidates already have a Spirit Blossom skin
  • Spirit Blossom Syndra - Perhaps the one Sett is searching for, in one of the last scenes of the trailer we can see Sett approaching a woman with three orbs containing butterflies, called the Spirit of Freedom

Riot Games League of Legends champion Master Yi League of Legends - Get ready for his pick rate to skyrocket

Of course, it wouldn't be like Riot Games to only award these skins to three champions, so we are likely to be looking at a lot of other champions receiving their Spirit Blossom skins.

Some champions, such as Darius, Aphelios, and others are candidates, however, their connection to the teaser is tangential at best, and we will wait to see if anything comes to pass for them.

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