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League of Legends - Steel Valkyries Event Brings an Improved Game Mode

Published: 01:42, 27 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - New Prestige Janna skin makes you want to play her, even if you hate her guts
League of Legends - New Prestige Janna skin makes you want to play her, even if you hate her guts

Merely a day after the end of Star Guardian, Riot Games are already starting up a new one. This one also takes place in space, but with a far different theme.

This year's event in League of Legends was Star Guardian. It was an attempt by Riot Games  to emulate the success of Spirit Blossom, to pretty bad results.

Due to a miscommunication, they were forced to have players contact Riot support to redeem their expired tokens , as the event ended earlier than most expected. This was due to the beginning of the Steel Valkyries event.

The Steel Valkyries event starts on August 25, 1:00 PM, and ends on September 26, 11.59 PM, with tokens that can be spent until October 3.

Aside from the usual missions, with the battle pass and free missions available as with every other event, the Steel Valkyries event brings a new game mode to League of Legends.

Riot Games League of Legends - Yasuo splash art In such a game mode, a wombo combo with Yasuo is a must

The Ultimate Spellbook game mode continues, with a large twist. Now the Ultimate Spellbook will be a One-for-all. This format will work by having your team pick a single champion to play, while the in-game ultimates, the usual part of Ultimate Spellbook, will differ for everyone else.

And, though a case can be made that Riot are just copying old game modes, trying to bring out as much content as possible, this idea actually sounds incredible.

Geting a five-man sack, and having a blast of a game night will never be easier with these options it would seem, and we intend to take advantage of it for sure.

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