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League of Legends - Players will now receive gold for pinging wards

Published: 18:46, 22 November 2022
Riot Games
Now players can earn gold for pinging enemy vision!
Now players can earn gold for pinging enemy vision!

When you ping enemy wards, you can now earn gold thanks to the new vision systems, such as ward timings and ward symbols on the minimap. This is how the system operates.

The preseason changes that Riot Games  made to League of Legends allow players to play the game in a completely different way. The adjustments are good since they provide gamers with new ways to play the game. Patch 12.23 will include champion changes for Zeri,  Dr. Mundo, and Tahm Kench.

Pinging enemy wards now earns you gold. Each ward you ping earns you five gold, and you can only ping one ward at a time. The same method works when you initially strike a ward. Except for zombie wards, it works on all forms of wards. 

The gold gained from killing a red/yellow ward is usually 30 gold (15 for a blue trinket ward). Five gold are subtracted from 30/15 gold country for pinging/first striking the ward.

So, it is not more cash; rather, it is a tiny percentage of a ward's kill bonus delivered upfront to incentivize vision tracking. Here's a video that concisely covers the complete system.

This modification makes ward tracking more enjoyable. You not only deny the enemy's vision, but you also get money by monitoring where it is without clearing it. It's a minor adjustment, but it's a pleasant one.

Using your vision pings is now more impactful. Pinging enemy wards gives you 5 gold, but it can only be done once. You will also get 5 gold for hitting an enemy ward with auto attacks. 


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