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League of Legends - Riot Introduce Profanity Punishments

Published: 08:25, 22 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Poro King rocking that mustache
League of Legends - Poro King rocking that mustache

Toxicity in League of Legends chat is an extremely famous thing. One way to combat that, it would seem, is to employ high school tactics of a zero-tolerance chat filter policy.

League of Legends is a game that defines toxicity in the gaming community currently. And the way Riot Games are trying to fight that this time, is by making everyone play nice, by force.

The last time they tried to introduce changes to the chat, it was to try and remove all chat . Seeing as it was a misguided attempt, this time they are trying something new.

A recent patch notes release cast some confusion amongst the players, seeing as it mentioned something that was similar, but not identical, to the zero chat filter.

A Riot support representative later confirmed that swearing, or anything Riot deems as profanity, will now be punished in the game, regardless of the context it's used in.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Warwick Imagine getting punished for saying "woof" in chat

This applies to all cases, even those where players use profanity as a self-burn, or even some inventive jokes, such as one player who quoted the song "Who let the dogs out", while playing Warwick.

However, it seems that Riot Games consider these issues to be non-negotiable, and are responding to queries only to clarify the punishments, not to revoke them in any manner.

whether this causes a positive change within the community, or we go the route of Tiktok and other platforms where "unalive" becomes a frequently used word, remains to be seen.


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