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League of Legends Patch 12.15 Bugfixes Qiyana's First Strike

Published: 23:34, 10 August 2022
Riot Games
Picture of Qiyana's silhouette in League of Legends
League of Legends - This is pretty much all you see of Qiyana's in-game model, before she either goes invis, or one-shots you

Assassins of all kinds have been suffering with the durability update, especially the AD ones. Except for Qiyana, as she could proc a First Strike bug, and gain an unfair advantage.

League of Legends durability update was implemented in patch 12.10 and was the update that should have been created for the preseason, size-wise. Riot Games have been dealing with its consequences ever since.

However, the issue with Qiyana, unlike the rest of the assassin class , lies in her strength, and not her weakness. and, unfortunately, that strength has been because of a bug.

In League of Legends patch 12.15, Riot Games have fixed a bug where Qiyana could apply an extra proc of her passive with First Strike equipped.

This was especially concerning due to the fact that First Strike itself deserved a nerf, and got it in this patch, which made Qiyana all the more powerful, far too quickly.

Riot Games Splash art for Headhunter Akali skin, showing her in Predator-like suit in a dark forest. League of Legends - Assassins such as Akali, on the other hand, are getting buffed

However, her strength has not all been due to the bug, but also her passive scaling, thus, Riot Games have also nerfed Qiyana's passive:

  • Damage - 15-83 (levels 1-18)(+45% bonus AD)(+30%AP) ⇒ 15-83 (levels 1-18)(+30% bonus AD)(+30%AP)

In their explanation of the bugs, Riot say that "Qiyana’s been the empress of the Rift lately, partly due to a bug which allowed her to proc her passive twice with First Strike. We’ve removed that bug and are nerfing First Strike which should result in an overall nerf, but also taking a little bit of power out of her passive so that she’s a bit less oppressive."

Unfortunately, there is no change to how long and often Qiyana can stay invisible, so we still have an annoying wannabe Empress on the Rift.

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