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League of Legends Will Likely Stop Making New Champions in the Future

Published: 00:49, 04 August 2022
Riot Games
Picture of League of Legends champion Pyke
League of Legends: Pyke is a better Blitzcrank, and yet, both are unique

We've all wondered where the number of League of legends champions leads us to. After all, the game has started out with 40 champions, and now has close to 200. Here is the answer.

League of Legends used to release a new champion every two weeks, back in the old days, when Riot Games had just released the game itself. Of course, it was far easier to do that back then, with only 40 champions on the starting roster. The question is, will Riot continue to do so indefinitely?

In a recent podcast, Riot Phroxzon stated that there has been a discussion over the fact whether League of Legends will, eventually, should it live long enough, have to stop producing new champions to be released.

Their reasoning is that it will not happen any time soon, but, should such a time arrive that Riot Games start to design and release champions that aren't unique and intuitive in their gameplay.

Riot Games Picture of League of Legends champion Nautilus League of Legends: Nautilus hook can't go through walls, no matter how hard you try

The explanation Phroxzon offered was by comparing the various League of Legends champions with hooks, all of which are currently, easy to differentiate, and players immediately know what a nautilus Hook can do compared to that of Blitzcrank or Pyke.

Should such a time arrive that similar mechanics become difficult to differentiate between champions, as the hook example explains, and players have to think actively try and remember which champion does what exactly, instead of doing so intuitively, due to their similarity, then their cap has been reached.

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