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League of Legends - Ranked SoloQ Will Make Names Anonymous in Draft

Published: 00:36, 01 October 2022
Riot Games
Splash art for Draven, a champion in League of Legends
League of Legends - Are you sure you want an ego Draven on your team?

Ever dodged a game because of an ally whose stats are bad, or had the same done to you? Or perhaps gave up after seeing who you are up against. Well, Riot are removing the option, as it creates an unhealthy environment.

The issues with the League of Legends ranked queue are numerous. And especially in recent years when third-party sites are worming their way in and making it an even more unhealthy environment, and Riot Games have noticed that problem it seems.

The causes stem from the overzealousness of certain players to more malicious griefing games because of bets .

So now, Riot Games are removing the Summoner Names of players in the Draft phase, so as to curb on looking at the stats of allies as well as stop players from targeting streamers.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Kassadin Kassadin is the champion with the biggest AFK rate in LoL, and so are his players

"Today, a lot of players use external websites and third-party apps that provide all sorts of information about their teammates. With this information, players are drawing conclusions that aren’t necessarily correct and pressuring their teammates into things that they might not want to do, like picking the exact same champion every game because it’s their highest win rate or most played," said Riot's Game Loop team.

They go on to explain that they think the best version of League is not one where you metagame based on the players in your lobby, weigh who’s on a win or loss streak or playing a different champion, and dodge or pressure others to dodge when your setup doesn’t meet perfect conditions.

And while the exact details are not yet worked out, the most likely solution will be to hide the Summoner Names of players before the game starts.

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