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League of Legends MMO officially confirmed by Riot Games

Published: 12:04, 18 December 2020
Updated: 12:06, 18 December 2020
Riot Games
Project F

One of Riot Games' employees officially confirmed a new game in the making. After engaging many different genres in the past year or two, it seems like Riot finally made a step towards developing a new MMO game .

Even though Riot Games introduced a number of different games through the last couple of years like Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runterra and Ruined King, most of the fanbase was still hoping for an MMORPG set in the League of Legends universe. 

The wait seems to finally be over as a recent tweet from one of Riot's lead gameplay designers,  Ghostcrawler, revealed that they are working on a new project which is confirmed to be an MMO title. Shortly after he was followed by many other Rioters which definitely confirmed that we have a new game on the horizon.

Many fans have misunderstood this announcement and took it as "old news" as they confused it with an upcoming game called Project X made by a studio called Vela Games, which is filled with former Riot developers. The studio already stated that they aren't related to Riot in any official way and that project X isn't really a classic MMO.

In their official  10-Year Anniversary Celebration video, Riot gave a small teaser featuring LoL champions Blitzcrank and Ezreal who were fighting a couple of mobs. This has created a lot of hype for a game the League of Legends fanbase is desperately waiting for.

Riot cgi shot showing Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

However, considering that they've just started hiring, this could mean that we will get something completely different from the images seen in the video.

As for the release date, it's still way too early to make any certain predictions but it could take a couple of years before we get to play the game considering the complexity of the MMO genre.

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