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League of Legends lore will be altered for Seraphine and Brackern

Published: 12:41, 29 October 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends Seraphine splash art
We always liked Pentakill more anyway

Riot Games found themselves in a bit of a controversy when introducing the upcoming champion, Seraphine, as she appears to flourish at cost of dooming Skarner's entire race.

Controversy regarding Seraphine and Piltover arose when League of Legends lore hounds brought the origin of their Hextech cores to light. Namely, the cores contain magic crystals that serve as source of their power.

Now, here is a quick history of the crystals' origin - back when the Rune Wars erupted, the peaceful race known as Brackern collectively went to hibernate in hopes of outlasting the devastating wars. After the wars ended, one Brackern going by the name of Skarner, the crystal scorpion we all know and love for towing services was awakened by agonising screams of his kind. 

As it turned out, Piltovian and Shuriman thieves found the place where Brackern were hibernating, started stealing crystals off of their living bodies, causing them to die in the process. Furthermore, the crystals held memories of the Brackern and were passed from one body to another after the first one would die, effectively making them immortal prior to the crystals being stolen. 

It is these crystals that power Hextech cores, meaning Piltovians are abusing the Brackern, potentially causing their extinction and what appears to be eternal agony.

When Seraphine's story was published, it was revealed she used Hextech sound dampeners at one time which let her hear the Brackern inside. In the modern day, she uses a Hextech music platform even though, unlike most Piltovians, she is aware these devices are powered by intelligent live beings by now. 

The big moment of controversy happened when the interaction between Seraphine and Skarner happened when she asks him "I miss your kind to Skarner! Would you like to hear their song?" with apparently no regret or thought that using devices powered by souls of Skarner's kind and wiggling the fact in front of him could be wrong.

This issue caused LoL fans to lash out against Riot and it now appears the devs are going to alter the lore so Seraphine doesn't sound so indifferent to genocide. Marc Merrill noted something along these lines would happen since this bit of lore was "was supposed to have been removed from the IP" and a fix is on the way.

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