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League of Legends: Riot details Yuumi rework for new players

Published: 19:25, 01 February 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends Yuumi - the Magical Cat
League of Legends Yuumi - the Magical Cat

Despite repeated efforts by Riot to balance her abilities, Yuumi has continued to oscillate between being overly weak and excessively powerful, without finding a suitable middle ground.

Since its introduction in 2019, Yuumi, the Magical Cat,  has proven to be one of the most divisive champions in Riot's lineup. Initially perceived as one of the weakest champions in the game, players soon discovered her potential for overpowered play after some minor buffs and testing.

Yuumi's kit, particularly her W ability "You and Me!", has been the source of the champion's persistent balance issues. The ability enables her to attach to an ally, enhance their stats, and heal them, all while remaining untargetable, creating a frustrating and difficult-to-counter experience for opponents. 

When attached to a fed champion, Yuumi's healing and stat boosts render them nearly invincible. Despite several attempts by Riot to balance her kit by adding drawbacks to her "You and Me!" ability, these changes proved to be ineffective. As a result, Riot ultimately declared a full rework of Yuumi in December 2022.

In Patch 13.1, Riot made adjustments to Yuumi by reducing the base damage and empowered damage of her Q ability, "Prowling Projectile." This caused her Q max build to become less effective, but her healing build remained unaffected. 

Riot Games Bewitching Yuumi Bewitching Yuumi

Despite these changes, Yuumi continued to be one of the strongest supports in the game. To address this, Riot made further adjustments to her in Patch 13.1B by reducing her base stats, passive, W ability "You and Me!" damage, and E ability "Zoomies" movement speed.  


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