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League of Legends: Jinx and Sion set to receive big nerfs in patch 13.9

Published: 21:26, 29 April 2023
Riot Games/Netflix
In Arcane season 2, the story will revolve around Jinx, Caitlyn and Vi
Jinx is set to receive some major nerfs in the upcoming League of Legends patch 13.9!

Patch 13.9, which is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, will introduce much needed nerfs to Jinx and Sion.

The preview for Patch 13.9 in League of Legends has been released, and it seems that this patch will bring some significant but not major changes to the game. Riot is now shifting its focus towards champions that are not used as much in the game and towards Solo-Queue.

Regarding the AD aspect of the game, Riot Games decided that Neeko and Kayle will be receiving a mini-rework that was long-awaited due to their underperformance in the last few months. 

Aatrox, Amumu, Swain, Trundle, and Volibear are also set to receive buffs in this patch. Additionally, Jinx and Sion will finally receive a nerf after months of waiting.


Jinx has been dominating as one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Marksmen in the game for multiple patches with a high win rate of almost 52% in patch 13.8. In addition to that, she has a solid 31% pick rate and 17% ban rate, and is frequently picked in Professional play. As a result, Riot has decided to nerf her in the upcoming patch. 


Sion, on the other hand, is notorious for being a frustrating champion to face in the Top Lane due to his versatility in building tank, bruiser, or lethality, as well as his infinite max health gain and high AD ratio. 

His Q damage was even buffed in Patch 13.1, making him extremely strong in both Solo Queue and Professional play. After months of observation, Riot has finally recognized his strength and is nerfing him in this patch.


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