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League of Legends: Gangplank will receive major buffs in patch 11.17

Published: 23:18, 19 August 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Gangplank splash art
League of Legends - Gangplank

Riot Games' lead gameplay designer has released the upcoming changes to one of the League of Legends champions - Gangplank. The changes to his Powder Keg could make him one of the strongest champions in the meta.

Gangplank has always been one of the most interesting champions in League of Legends, both before and after his rework a couple of seasons ago. He even had a special mechanic where you could eat your own minions and deny your opponents from farming.

His kit wasn't sustainable in the modern League of Legends era and Riot decided to give him a drastic rewok. Since then he has become a very strong top lane champion and he has occasionally been picked in the mid lane role as well. His ability to decide team fights on his own is hardly matched by any other top lane champion. 

A recent tweet from Riot's lead gameplay designer Jeevun Sidhu has revealed their plans to change Gankplank

  • Trial by Fire (passive) - Movement speed will get reduced from 30 flat to 15-30 per cent based on level
  • Parrrley (Q) - this ability will now be treated as a ranged basic attack
  • Powder Keg (E):
    • The ability will now benefit from building Critical Strike Chance at 125 per cent effectiveness
    • Maximum number of barrels will be changed from 3 at all ranks to 3-5, based on level
    • Recharge time on barrels will go up from 18-10 to 18-14

Riot Games Picture of several champions in League of Legends posing for a picture League of Legends

These changes should significantly improve Gangplank's position in the meta right now. The Critical Strike Chance change on his Kegs will allow him to completely one-shot squishy targets in the enemy team. The biggest downside from this rework is probably the change to his Q which means that choosing Grasp of the Udying as your keystone might not give the best results.

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