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League of Legends: Eternal and Challenges systems will receive huge updates

Published: 20:55, 31 March 2023
Riot Games
Eternals system in League of Legends is set to receive some major changes in the future
Eternals system in League of Legends is set to receive some major changes in the future

Riot is said to be working on updating Challenges and Eternals features for League of Legends, but the specifics of these updates are not yet clear.

Players in League of Legends have been disappointed with Riot's attempts to reward their activity in the game. Despite good intentions, many of their systems, such as the Mastery System and Eternals, fail to provide meaningful rewards for individual players. While achievements and titles are nice, they do not offer true gratification.

However, there is some hope for improvement, as Riot Pupulasers recently acknowledged the need to make the rewards system more satisfying for players. Although specific changes have not been announced, players can be optimistic about potential improvements in the future.

Riot Pupulasers stated that the development team is working on improving the player experience. Currently, the Eternals system offers achievements in three categories, and challenges give rewards for tasks like destroying turrets or collecting skins. 

Riot Pupulasers has suggested a few possible updates to improve the game. One idea is to restructure challenges to make them more event-based or objective-driven, giving players more motivation to earn rewards. This could be a great addition to the game if implemented effectively.

Another area for potential improvement is the Eternals system, which could offer more champion-specific achievements. Whatever direction Riot chooses to take, it's important to provide players with strong incentives to participate. Offering special emotes, icons, or borders could be effective motivators to encourage players to focus on these features.

Riot Games Challenges and progression crystals from Iron to Challenger Challenges and progression crystals from Iron to Challenger

Riot is currently focusing on improving the Challenges and Eternals systems to enhance the overall player experience, but specific details are not yet known. The team has thrown out ideas, but it remains unclear when we can expect concrete updates.

These are all ideas that the team could consider in their efforts to enhance the player experience. As players, we can only wait and hope that Riot will inform us of any changes as soon as possible.


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