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League of Legends Patch 12.14 Fixes Multiple Sion Bugs

Published: 03:44, 29 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends- Sion
League of Legends- Sion may be inting, but now he's at least not abusing

While there have been videos of Sion main exploiting bugs just for the fun of it, we can't help but wonder if the resources should have been directed at other champions.

Sion is an embodiment of a top lane tank champion in League of Legends , whose unique kit has driven him away from his usual gameplay, and there is nothing Riot Games can do to stop it. We are looking at your Bausffs.

However, aside from his unorthodox playstyle , there are some examples of what Sion can do in-game, that no champions should be capable of committing.

And it's those bugs that Riot are removing in League of Legends patch 12.14:

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to sharply turn the direction of Sion’s ultimate
  • Fixed a bug where Sion’s basic attacks would sometimes automatically cancel while in combat
  • Fixed a bug where Sion’s Q would prematurely end its charge if it was cast immediately after E
  • Fixed a bug where W would not be castable immediately after completing a Q cast
  • Fixed a bug where Sion could animation cancel his R into Q combo that made the stun duration of point blank ultimates longer than intended.

Most of these bugs are done via the animation cancel, and as such are considered abusing the in-game mechanics that should not exist.

However, these bugs have not been as prevalent in the game to warrant such a quick response. Some other have, however, and Riot Games are studiously ignoring them.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Riven - splash art League of Legends - Riven skins gotta sell somehow

Riven is a champion whose entire gameplay, for years now, and her top lane domination in the hands of an expert is based around the animation cancel mechanic.

It seems, however, that Riven is one of Riot's favorite champions, and they see nothing wrong with her insane burst damage, high CC chains and survivability that has very little to no counterplay for years now. After all, if the only counterplay to a champion is to hope the player can't play it well enough, that is no counter at all.

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