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League of Legends - Champion's Queue is Returning Before Worlds 2022

Published: 03:03, 07 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Champions Queue
League of Legends - Champions Queue is back

It's been a while since Champin's Queue has been removed as an option for high-rank players. and now it's coming back to allow pros the best place to practice for their Worlds performance.

Champion's Queue is a server for high-elo players in North America, organized by Riot Games , for players to be able to play League of Legends with extremely low ping, and with an assurance that there are no trolls in their games.

The second option is the most important one, as trolling and win-trading in high-elo games are becoming a problem as of late.

Though the CHampion's Queue has been removed shortly after Riot first launched it, it's now going to return in preparation for the World Championship 2022, which is held in North America.

It will go from Mexico City to Chicago and finally back to Los Angeles so pro players will have the best experience possible when queueing up in North America.

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Champion's Queue also offers players the feature of automatic voice comms, which is an important thing to have when practicing for professional games. After all, voice comms are an important part of high elo games, and practicing without them would make it just another SoloQ experience.

Champion's QUeue streams will also be available for watching, though not during the live World's Broadcast. During downtime, though, you'll be able to watch your favorite players compete in high-elo games, with no griefing involved.

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