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League of Legends - Riot May be Working With Lil Nas X On a New Song

Published: 01:51, 06 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Each prong of the New Summoner's cup represents one LoL role
League of Legends - Each prong of the New Summoner's cup represents one LoL role

Riot Games are no strangers to signing big-name artists to make songs for their events and projects. After Imagine Dragons, now it could be Lil Nas X.

There have been leaks from famous leakers such as BigBadBear that Riot Game s are making a new music line for League of Legends this year.

This is in line with what Riot Games do every year, especially before the World Championship , with the groups such as KD/A performing that Worlds' anthem.

Not too long ago images spread like wildfire of well-known rapper and musician Lil Nas X at Riot HQ. He posted multiple photos of himself and while he didn't outright say he was at Riot Games, from the background any League of Legends fan could tell that this was Riot HQ. 

Now, there have been speculations that Lil Nas X may also be doing the voice of the new League of Legends top lane champion, K'Sante, but they seem baseless.

Riot Games League of Legends - Hopefully the New Summoner's Cup will also make new LoL history League of Legends - New trophy and a new song genre perhaps

After all, the timing of the visit and the announcement of the champion don't match. It took place in the same month when K'Sante's voice lines should have already been done by now.

Either they're going to be working on a new song for the opening, or Lil Nas X is going to be a part of the LoL Worlds anthem they bring out each year, as Riot are obviously making changes to their vibe this year, and may go for some hip hop.

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