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LCK's new logo is only the tip of the rebranding iceberg for LoL Season 2021

Published: 14:56, 04 January 2021
LCK's new look
LCK's new look

New year's resolutions are often abandoned rather quickly but LCK seems to be all in with the new look, meant for the competitive League of Legends Season 2021.

League of Legends Season 2021 is bound to see sweeping changes across all regions and the game mechanics itself. Iconic players we couldn't imagine in other teams or even on rosters of direct rivals are now wearing new colours while the game's items have been overhauled to bring along new meta which will keep getting reiterated before the next international tournament hits.

Some leagues are also undergoing massive changes and LCK is in the spotlight for two main reasons. The first one is that 2021 will be the inaugural year of franchising in League of Legends Champions Korea while the second one has been announced more recently.

The league will be partially rebranded since the LCK acronym and its parts are staying untouched but pretty much all the visuals are getting overhauled.

First among them that you will notice is the departure of the iconic image of an eagle and a star, replaced by a new design that forms "powerful outstretched wings of a bird in flight".

If that jumble of adjectives struck you as odd or unsavoury, wait until you read the rest of the site that heralds the rebranding announcement.

Riot Games League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) logo LCK's old logo is getting replaced by a sleek double triangle that looks like a bird in flight

That said, the new designs are sleek and quite frankly, they look fantastic in all presented forms. Regardless of whether you're looking at new LCK designs through a TV, monitor or smartphone screen, they appear modernised and are easy on the eyes.

The team behind these designs certainly looked to cover all the angles, from the observers' pleasure to looking great on merchandise.

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