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Kojima Productions open new California studio to work on film and TV

Published: 14:51, 22 November 2021
Kojima Productions
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Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions have announced that they will be opening a new business division in California to focus on film, television and other forms of entertainment.

Death Stranding  and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is expanding his Kojima Productions studio to films, TV and other forms of entertainment beyond video games, it's been officially announced. The new Kojima Productions business division will be opening in California, USA.

Kojima has been trying to merge the film medium with video games in most of his titles, especially in Death Stranding, his newest video game that was released exclusively on PlayStation 4 two years ago. 

According to the report in, the new division is designed to "take the game studios' games to other pop culture areas", which means we could be getting Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding films and/or TV series.

This will certainly sound incredibly exciting for all Hideo Kojima fans, especially actor Rahul Kohli, an avid fanboy of Kojima, who probably wouldn't mind a role in a potential Metal Gear film or TV series. 

Kojima Productions A large whale-like creature from Death Stranding Death Stranding, now that's just gorgeous!

Jokes aside, Yoshiko Fukuda, the business development manager of Kojima Productions stated that the new studio will be doing their best to find new ways to entertain and engage with fans. "Our new division will take the studio into even more areas that present our creative narratives beyond videogames and to open up ways for our fans to communicate and immerse themselves in these spaces," Yoshiko Fukuda said.

Kojima Productions headquarters are based in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The studio currently employs just below a hundred people.

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