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Kingdom Hearts III will feature old school LCD mini-games

Published: 18:58, 17 April 2018
Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts 3 logo over Frozen background
Kingdom Hearts 3 - Leaks suggest Frozen will be joining as a world

Square Enix dropped a short trailer in which four new minigames are introduced. They all share a 1930s Disney art style and are made to look like old LCD games. Kingdom Hearts 3's development took a while as Rose said: "It's been 84 years."

Square Enix have dropped another long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. What they may or may not have dropped is a deuce on the hype-train, seeing as the trailer only shows four mini-games which do have a cutesy art style reminiscent of old LCD games like Brick Game or Tetris clones.

Square Enix Barnyard Battle gameplay in KH3 Kingdom Hearts 3 - Barnyard Battle gameplay

Some fans were vexed, eagerly awaiting the next bit of information coming to their favourite mash-up of Disney and Final Fantasy. You can imagine their surprise when the only thing that was presented was a minute long video of Sora, Goofy and Donald playing with their friends on a handheld console.

The newly introduced mini-games are Barnyard Battle, Giantland, Karnival Kid and the Musical Farmer. Fans will notice a familiar art style in them which mimics the old Disney character designs from the 1930s in cartoons like Karnival Kid, which, as previously stated, is included in the game as a homage.

Square Enix Sora, Goofy and Donald in Toy Story world. Kingdom Hearts 3 - No these aren't Funko Pop's.

Nonetheless, it is endearing and charming to have these mini-games as a possibility of experiencing more of the Kingdom Hearts mythos. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura stated that the game's development was split into three sections, each of which consist of three worlds. 

The worlds in the first section were 90 per cent finished, and the worlds in the second section were around 60 per cent done. No statement was made about the final section other than it being something Nomura wanted to do since the beginning of Final Fantasy.

Square Enix Sora in the clouds on Olympus Kingdom Hearts 3 - The World of Hercules (Olympus)

While we wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to rear its head, another push back of the release date isn't out of the question considering the statistics mentioned by Tetsuya Nomura during D23 2018 in Japan.

While it is true that some were disappointed in the trailer, the majority of players are just ecstatic about getting at least something related to Kingdom Hearts 3, which I can fully understand and share to an extent. However, the struggle of self-control remains as the release date approaches.


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