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Final Fantasy XV is going to get four more DLC packs in 2019

Published: 19:36, 09 April 2018
Updated: 13:42, 10 April 2018
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XV Noctis' Group photo
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

For a game released in 2016, Square Enix sure are investing more money into it even three years after launch. The company recently announced Final Fantasy XV will be getting four more DLCs in the next year, all of which will provide story.

Square Enix announced four additional DLCs will be coming to Final Fantasy XV in 2019. All of them will be story centric DLCs much like the already existing Episode Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus. The names of the new episodes are all tentatively titled so much can change in terms of name, but they will all provide an alternate ending to the game's original ending.

The first episode will focus on Ardyn, the game's primary antagonist, and will be titled The Conflict of the SageIt will focus on Ardyn's past some 2000 years back. Players will finally be able to step into the shoes of the villain, but we can expect the gameplay to be similar, as Ardyn and Noctis have very similar abilities.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV Ardyn and Noctis' crew Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

A minor side story featuring Aranea Highwind of the Niflheim Empire and her issues with the Empire, and what brought the fall of the Niflheims will be the second episode. Aranea was the bounty hunter in the game who treaded the edge of the sword of morality.

Players will additionally get an episode about Lunafreya's fate titled The Choice of Freedom, will have players take control of Luna and see her mission through as she must help Noctis achieve his goals by appeasing the gods and giving him a chance to prove himself.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV Noctis sits in his throne Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Finally, the last episode will be about Noctis himself and his departure from the Astrals, with which he made deals during the game, and going off to fight for the future of his people. The final episode will be titled The Final Strike.

Final Fantasy XV launched originally in 2016 after a 10 year development period. After numerous issues and hiatuses the game finally released and fans were calling it "a beautiful mess". In 2018, the game released on PC 

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