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Square Enix teasing upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC ReMIND

Published: 09:51, 29 April 2019
Square Enix
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Kingdom Hearts 3 - Leaks suggest Frozen will be joining as a world

Kingdom Hearts 3's director Tetsuya Nomura couldn't have wished for a better way to announce the game's DLC, as he did it during the World of Tres concert by the KH Orchestra. Dubbed ReMIND, it will bring new scenario, bosses and more.

Note that we're talking about paid DLC here and according to Nomura, it will feature an additional scenario bearing the same name, even though ReMIND is apparently still regarded as a temporary title.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND also has limit and secret episodes, each coming with own boss, as well as English VA option.

As for the free part of Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND, we're looking at new keyblade and new form.

This is pretty much everything Square Enix shared, although Nomura did mention they'll have more information in June, which at the same time confirms that it won't launch before E3.

In one of his earlier interviews with Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Nomura the studio are planning on incremental updates. One of those was the recently added Critical Mode, a mode that'll come in handy to players who crave a more challenging Kingdom Hearts 3 experience.

At the time, Nomura said Square Enix want to roll the DLC out in 2019 so that they can focus on other work, so it's safe to assume it'll be during or after E3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 launched in January 2019 to some pretty great reviews, many of them suggesting we're looking at, if not the best, then the most mature instalment in the franchise. 

Square Enix was praised for their world-building prowess as well as tightening up existing gameplay elements, such as combat.

When it comes down to numbers, Kingdom Hearts 3 is hands down the best performing game in the series, selling in less than two weeks following the launch.

Squenix Kingdom hearts 3 characters from monsters inc standing in a hangar bay Kingdom Hearts 3

All in all, Square Enix did a good job growing the franchise by innovating enough to keep veterans coming for more, while milking the Disney appeal for all it's worth, so no need to change the winning recipe. 



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