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Is CS:GO getting a Battle Royale mode?

Published: 09:44, 19 December 2017
Counter-Strike GO: Operation Hydra

Valve News Network has posted a video claiming the stage is set for Counter Strike: Global Offensive to get a Battle Royale mode, similar to the one you have in PUBG and Fortnite. Apparently, traces of this mode have been found in the game’s updates dating back to as far as May 31st 2016, although we wouldn’t get overly excited since this is not the first time a dormant CS:GO mode has stayed dormant.

The May 2016 update is where VNN first caught wind of references to a survival mode, in the form of #SFUI_NOTICE_SurvivalNextPhaseNotice and #SFUI_NOTICE_SurvivalLastPhaseNotice. Additionally, it was chock full of references to compound bows and arrows, adrenaline shots, breach charges, sonar grenades, beacons, etc.

A view of the CS:GO map Dust2 spawning location Dust2 - CS:GO

The October 2016 update included references to two at the time unreleased maps - de_canals and survival_island. De_canals ended up launching in May 2017, but survival_island hasn't been mentioned since. Well, that’s until the December 1st update which added a soundscape for the map, which is basically a file that tells the game what audio files to mix in order to closely mimic an environment. Only four of them are usable though and come in the form of island.outside.generic, island.outside.coast, island.outside.forest and so on.

Another major update on January 12, 2017, came with a slew of new references to adrenaline shots, breach charges and, you guessed it, survival mode. References to the mode are in the same format as the previous ones, only this time they seem to deal with survival focus radius and contracting thereof. The June 2017 update further gave way to suspicion, as it added key chains, med kits, parachuted supply crates and survival time variables.

While the option is obviously there, we wouldn't get overly excited since Heist and Scavenger modes have also had references continually dug up, yet are nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, yours truly really finds the concept of a contracting battle zone a refreshing and very player friendly anti-camping method, so here’s to VNN being right, eh?


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