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Counter-Strike GO: Operation Hydra: all you need to know

Published: 07:50, 24 May 2017
Updated: 07:53, 24 May 2017
Counter-Strike GO: Operation Hydra

Counter-Strike GO's Operation Hydra is bringing all kinds of fun content for the players to enjoy until September rolls around. There are new game modes, community-created maps and more. The event is free for everyone.

Counter Strike: GO players will have something to keep them busy all the way up until September. I'm, of course, talking about the "Operation Hydra" event. In short, the event will twist a couple of game rules and let you loose on seven different community-created maps.

There will also be a full Guardian Mission campaign, an Operation Coin that you can upgrade and Operation Journal with friends leaderboards for some healthy competition. Other features range from additional XP to the all new Operation Hydra Case.

Valve Counter-Strike: GO Counter-Strike: GO

Let us continue dissecting the event so you don't miss on any of the action. First up, Operation Hydra will be free for all players. The game modes available during the event will be available one week at a time. Those modes are: War Games, Wingman, and Weapons Expert.

If you've purchased the All Access Pass and you're now wondering why you did that because the event is free for all, don't sweat it, you will be "able to earn additional XP and make progress toward an upgraded coin and item drops." 

Valve Counter-Strike: GO Counter-Strike: GO

Now for the game modes:

First up we have the Wingman. Now this is not your classic "help you meet girls at the local bar" kind of a wingman. Oh no, this one offers much more fun with close to zero chance of disappointment. Wingman game mode will pit you and your friend against another pair of players in a best-of-16 match on single-bombsite maps.

The second mode is the "Weapons Expert". In this mode you'll have to be just that: a weapons expert. This one works like this: once you buy a weapon, you can't buy it again for the rest of the match. And that match will be a 5v5 best-of-30. May the best man win.

Valve Counter-Strike: GO Counter-Strike: GO

Last but not least, we have War Games. There are six war games you can choose from at the end of each match: 

  • Heavy assault suit - With a new suit that will be available in the buy menu, you'll feel invincible. Moreover, it will do you good to use that feeling in order to defuse bombs and "plow through enemy territory."
  • Headshots-only - Pretty self-explanatory, don't you think?
  • Hunters-Gatherers - Collect enemies' dogtags. "Every kill drops a dogtag". The team with the highest number of dogtags at the end of a match wins. Every sentence in this description has had the word "dogtag" in it. Do you find it annoying? Dogtag.
  • Stab Stab Zap - In this war game you'll need to get up close and personal with the enemy, killing them with your stab stab tools and "a special recharging Zeus". Plus all the grenades your in-game wallet can afford.
  • The Flying Scoutsman - Gravity is under maintenance and you will have to make do with an SSG08, a knife, and your reflexes of discussable response time.
  • Trigger Discipline - Patience is a virtue here, as every shot you miss deals damage to your health bar. Same goes for your enemies. Have fun playing bullet dodgeball.


Check out the seven playable maps below. Can you point out the ones that are new and the ones that are making a repeat appearance?

More info on the Operation Hydra can be found .


Counter-Strike GO: Operation Hydra

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Counter-Strike GO: Operation Hydra - Agency
Counter-Strike GO: Operation Hydra

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