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Valve back into making games, no Half Life 3 announcement yet

Published: 14:55, 03 September 2018
Updated: 02:03, 06 September 2018
Gabe Newell, the man behind beloved game developer Valve
GabeN, our lord and saviour.

I know what you're thinking so let me answer it for you - no. There's no Half Life 3 announcement, at least not yet, although Valve's programmer Jeep Barnett pointed out that we'll see more stuff coming from Valve in the upcoming years.

Just in case you're not familiar with Barnett, let me save you a Google search or two. Barnett was a student of DigiPen Institute of Technology and part of the Nuclear Monkey Software team that created Narbacular Drop, a game that served as inspiration for Portal. If you're ancient enough, you should remember GabeN falling in love with it and employing the entire team as a result.

As for Valve, Barnett pointed out that everyone at the company is aware of the jokes being tossed around the web. Thankfully, they're aware that almost all of them are a result of pure love for Valve, adding that the company's employees "lurk all the forums and share them around with each other".

But what about the games, I hear you say? Well, Artifact director Brandon Reinhart noted that even though the past years have been mostly reserved for hard work on improving Steam and customer experience therein, this too will change soon. Not the customer experience mind you, but the oh-so-anticipated Valve's return to game development.

"Now we're in a place where we're able to, as a company, invest and focus a lot more on games again”, Reinhart noted. He went on saying that the best possible reply to accusations of Valve sitting on Steam-earned piles of money is to "deliver a bunch of high quality games that show [they're] actually working really hard.”

Artifact's announcement may have drawn a sigh of disappointment at the time, solely on the account of everyone and their Half Life loving dog expecting the third instalment, but I guess it's as good a start as any. Besides, it appears as if the masses caught on in the meantime, because there were no sighs this year.

Valve Promotional image for Artifact the Dota trading card game Artifact

We've all seen the latest trends where triple As seem to be moving away from Steam, but Valve are no newcomers to the scene and I am personally rooting for a way for GabeN to stick it to all of them. There are very few things I believe in but our lord and saviour GabeN is certainly one of them.

You can find the interview in question .

Artifact, Dota 2 trading card game by Valve and Richard Garfield

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Artifact - The way cards work in the game

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