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Iron Harvest release date reveal, not Epic Games Store exclusive

Published: 15:42, 20 August 2019
King Art
Iron Harvest art-work showing commander with walker tank in background in the woods
Iron Harvest

KingArt Games recently released a new trailer for the diesel-powered strategy Iron Harvest, followed by a blog post on their official site. The game will be released worldwide on 1 September 2019 and will not be an EGS exclusive title.

KingArt Games that their promising and upcoming strategy, Iron Harvest, would be published by Deep Silver back in April 2019 which immediately raised concerns over the latter's tendencies to advertise games on Steam and then switch to Epic exclusivity in the last moment.

Even then, KingArt Games assured their backers they wouldn't be treated the way Phoenix Point backers were - they would get their Steam or GOG keys on release, as opposed to Snapshot's decision to make backers wait one year before receiving keys on their prefered platforms.

As of 19 August 2019, it is official. Iron Harvest will come out on GOG and Steam. The developers didn't explicitly say Iron Harvest wouldn't come out on EGS at all but they only stated the game would be available on "other stores". If it doesn't appear on Epic's platform, chances are high it's because it's usually for Epic Games Store.

Like we mentioned before, Iron Harvest will release on 1 September 2020 and now it seems like the game will be slightly rebranded into Iron Harvest 1920+. The developers were probably feeling whimsical when they came up with the new name and release date as 1.9.20 looks like both the release date and the year in the title.

KingArt Games also didn't miss out on an opportunity to make a little jest at their own date and name games as you can hear small applause at the end of the trailer.

King Art Games A picture of a diesel punk mech walker firing projectiles King Art Games: Iron Harvest: Polania mech in action

While Iron Harvest is about a year in the future, backers will get the first taste in late 2019 as the developers announced they expect to kick the testing off in mid-December. You can check out the team's latest  on their website.

Iron Harvest units, concept art and more

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
King Art Games: Iron Harvest, Factions, Heroes, Unit Portraits
Iron Harvest units, concept art...

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