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Ion Fury Aftershock expansion gets release window

Published: 19:56, 24 March 2021
3D Realms
Ion Fury: Aftershock
Ion Fury: Aftershock

Shelly is back in style and she will be chasing after a certain baddie from Ion Fury when Aftershock DLC launches and now we have a time window on when we should expect it.

Ion Fury captivated the hearts of those who longed for more old school shooter action and Shelly was just the kind of character to deliver it. Naturally, when the players burned through the game, they were left with the feeling of wanting more and that's exactly what Voidpoint and 3D Realms will have in store for them soon.

Ion Fury: Aftershock DLC release window is now Summer 2021 and it should arrive on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch simultaneously. This still leaves a few months until we get to go through another one of Shelly's adventures but it's also nice to know when to expect the release window, more or less. 

Keep in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic is still causing delays all over the world so it wouldn't be that much of a reach to assume this could happen to Aftershock as well.

Anyway, when it does come, Voidpoint noted that it will take form of the classic expansions as it will offer a brand new Arrange game mode as well as new enemies, weapons and more.

One of the highlights from the trailer below is certainly the hoverbike action where the vehicle serves as both means to getting from point A to point B as well as a weapon.

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