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Ion Fury expansion teased for next year

Published: 11:22, 07 September 2020
A hand holding a pistol shooting at a person in a large dark room
3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

3D Realms announced an expansion for their retro shooter, Ion Fury, although most of the trailer was gameplay and other information is somewhat scarce.

Teaser trailers tend to be either cinematic or extremely cut up gameplay these days, to the point where fans can't even tell what's going on in front of their eyes. 3D Realms decided against either of these with the teaser for Ion Fury's expansion in 2021.

The trailer that you can see below are made of several gameplay cuts but these were long enough to be coherent and properly depict what the players can expect in the new content next year.

It is here that most of the information is derived from. The first scene of the trailer shows a new environment, much richer with natural features than the usual cyberpunk city of Neo D.C. Shelly attempts to protect.

When the shooting starts, it appears to be on an armed vehicle although we can't see the front end of it. The telltale signs here are that the player is moving extremely fast and shooting bullets as well as missiles from weapons not visible to the player.

There are also signs of a return to the city and what appear to be its sewers so basically - it's going to be mayhem all around.

Target release window of 2021 is the only direct information that the trailer gave out while everything else is derived from the observed gameplay.

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