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inXile Entertainment's next project seems to be a steampunk RPG

Published: 21:41, 21 October 2020
Faran Brygo
inXile Entertainment
inXile Entertainment

Wasteland 3 has been a successful title thus far but inXile Entertainment are already eyeing their next project which is apparently a AAA steampunk game, in real-time.

Bryan Fargo initially intended to retire after Wasteland 3 was released but he appears to have changed his mind roughly around the same time as Microsoft's acquisition of inXile Entertainment happened. With that in mind, fans are already stoked for the studio's next project and there might be a few clues about it already.

Before the aforementioned acquisition, inXile Entertainment specialised in creating AA titles that garnered a lot of fandom, be it Bard's Tale or Wasteland series. Now it appears that the next game will be AAA and set in a steampunk universe.

ResetEra's sleuths caught glimpse of Pinterest boards co-managed by the project leads of inXile's next game, Jason D Anderson and Chad Moore. The board is absolutely filled with all things steampunk - from gadgets , over fashion to weapons and Victorian era itself. It's almost as if someone was looking to get some inspiration or even tease things early into development.

On top of that, Jason Anderson teased something about a project with a star-studded team, merely a week before Era folks started piecing things together.

While discussing the job openings at inXile, someone chimed in and noted that it's a steampunk game which could sound like grasping for straws on our side. Then again, Bryan Fargo himself confirmed the team is working on an ambitious project and showed the new office interior that is highly stylised in steampunk fashion.

We might even be just a few weeks away from an official announcement.

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