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Hunting Simulator 2 trailer showcases the upcoming features

Published: 09:44, 15 April 2020
Hunting Simulator 2
Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 is still a few months away from release but the developers released a trailer that showcases the features of the new game such as the animal behaviour, new locations, gear and a faithful companion.

Neopica and Bigben Interactive are currently set to release the next title in the franchise, Hunting Simulator 2, on 25 June 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Two months before that happens, the teams have put together and released a video that showcases the various elements that should immerse players in the role of a hunter in several different nature reserves.

Animal AI has been altered from the previous game, as each species will have "unique and realistic behaviours". The video shows interactions of different species in the wilds at one point, as a predator is seeking its prey. Furthermore, all featured animasl will have male and female specimens, each of them with their unique specifics.

As for the locations, there will be six nature reserves where the hunting will take place, spread across three distinct environments that can be explored. They will span over Europe and North America.

Finding animals to hunt in these regions is no child's play but players will be helped by a dog that will track the animals, based on the instructions given by the players. Yes, you can pet the doggo.

As players hunt animals down, they will be awarded more credits when landing precise shots. These credits can be used to purchase gear, whether it's the outfits or weapons and their accessories. One can even buy a new dog, should the need arise.

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