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Humble Choice - February 2020 lineup

Published: 00:05, 08 February 2020
Pathfinder Kingmaker promotional cover art with guy shouting over his shield
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Humble Choice, formerly known as Humble Monthly Bundle, for February 2020 is spearheaded with several brilliant titles but Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Frostpunk have to be the standout ones. The latter comes with some DLC as well.

Humble Choice is the replacement for Humble Monthly and works pretty much the same. It offers three tiers of subscription but keep in mind that Lite, the cheapest one doesn't net you any games. Basic subscription grants a choice of three games from the list and Premium one lets you pick nine games.

As for the month of February 2020, there 12 offerings in total:

  1. Frostpunk + The Rifts DLC
  2. Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Edition
  3. Okami HD
  4. The Hex
  5. Project Warlock
  6. Cryofall
  7. Book of Demons
  8. Eliza
  9. Shenzen I/O
  10. Warstone TD
  11. Underhero
  12. Night Call

Frostpunk and Pathfinder: Kingmaker are the obvious picks for many gamers but it is worth noting that the rest of the games have their own charms. Okami HD is also a popular pick and players who liked embodying the white wolf seem to be in the majority as the game enjoys a 92 per cent positive review rating on Steam.

The Hex is a bit more obscure but worth checking out. It is a mashup of older games in various genres as well as their characters. There is an air of satire to the title as it brings its own twists to the classic heroes such as Super Mario and asks the question of how they would weather the years if they tried to lead a normal life.

11 Bit Studios Frostpunk The Rifts expansion's map Frostpunk, The Rifts

Keep in mind that any of the three subscription options will give you access to the Humble Trove for the duration, giving you an option to play over 90 additional games at no extra charge.

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