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Frostpunk: On the Edge gameplay video explains the name quite well

Published: 18:08, 12 August 2020
11 bit
Frostpunk On The Edge artwork showing icy construction
Frostpunk - On The Edge

Frostpunk, 11 Bit's frosty real-time strategy, is getting its third and final expansion, and the gameplay video does well to explain how the name came about.

Frostpunk's earlier expansion, The Last Autumn, was a prequel and mostly focused on the period before the Great Storm, when the generator was merely a science project. It's important to note that the name, On the Edge, is both literal and figurative in this respect - quite a nice touch.

Frostpunk: On the Edge is set right after the events of the first game, when a storm exposes an army warehouse from the pre-evacuation times. A scouting party from New London is sent to set up an outpost, and the Londoners are part of the mechanics here.

Making sure that your subordinates don't freeze is still the name of the game, although you'll have to do it a bit differently. One of the chief differences is the fact that you're not a city yet - you're an outpost. 

There's no generator yet, so building your city in Frostpunk: On the Edge will have to be done differently. Moreover, the fact you're not a city yet means that whatever laws New London enacts, you're stuck having to make them work for your cause. 

Players are not exactly resource-independent in Frostpunk: On the Edge. The mountainside doesn't support hunting and building heavy industry is out of the question too, due to unstable ground. 

Frostpunk: On the Edge players will depend on food shipments from New London to survive, and they'll have to reciprocate, of course. Additionally, relationships with other settlements will play an important role in shaping your path through the final expansion. 

Frostpunk: On the Edge launches on August 20, 2020. 

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