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Frostpunk devs are working on an unannounced third person action game

Published: 07:22, 06 May 2021
11 bit Studios
Concept art for Frostpunk by 11 bit Studios showing a giant furnace

Frostpunk and This War of Mine developers 11 Bit Studios are currently staffing for an unannounced third-person action game according to the job listing on their website.

11 Bit Studios' are currently working on "three in-house projects" and today, we have some details about one of these projects, which seems to be their biggest one yet. The studio are currently on a hiring spree for one unannounced game codenamed Project 8. 

In one of the job listings for Lead Gameplay Designer, it's revealed that the project is a third-person perspective action game. The ideal candidate would have to "develop key gameplay areas around resource economies, progression, itemization, level design and balance in a TPP action game."

The listing also mentions "the unique identity of the games’ IP" as well as "experience with Unreal Engine" suggesting that the game could be built on Epic Games' popular tool. 

However, keep in mind that, 11 Bit Studios used their own engine for Frostpunk and This War of Mine while Children of Morta and Moonlighter was developed on Unity, meaning that it's highly likely they won't be using UE 4 and are simply looking for a candidate that is versatile with several game engines.

We have contacted 11 Bit Studios for more information but the studio are not quite ready to talk about their new game at this time.

AltChar 11 Bit Studios logo with frostpunk and children of morta keyart 11 Bit Studios

At the moment, official details about Project 8 are almost non-existent but hopefully, that will change soon, perhaps this summer at one of the big events like the PC Gaming Show at E3.

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