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Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores takes Aloy to Los Angeles

Published: 13:51, 11 December 2022
Aloy's new adventure will bring her to Hollywood
Aloy's new adventure will bring her to Hollywood

The story of Horizon Forbidden West, one of the best games from Sony, will get its expansion in April 2023. Only this time it will be Playstation 5 exclusive. 

Critically acclaimed title from Guerrilla Games , Horizon Forbidden West will get its first, and probably the only DLC on April 19, 2023. Unlike the base game, Burning Shores will be an exclusive for PlayStation 5 . The reason for this exclusivity, as Sony claimed, is, believe it or not, the main boss fight. This "massive villain", as they call it, will require the hardware of the Playstation 5 to properly show its technical vision.

In the trailer, that Sony launched this morning, we can see Aloy arriving in an almost completely flooded LA, and a huge machine breaking the famous "Hollywood" sign. Burning Shores expansion will take place after the events in the base game. 

The predecessor of Horizon Forbidden West, Horizon Zero Dawn , too got its DLC almost a year after the launch of the game. It seems Guerrilla Games is holding to its tradition, and if the tradition is to be trusted, this DLC will probably be the only one.

Huge machine, stronger then PS4 A huge machine, stronger than PS4

It is worth mentioning that Horizon Forbidden West was nominated for 7 categories in this year's The Game Awards. The game was nominated for: Best game direction, Best narrative, Best art direction, Best audio design, Best action/adventure, Best performance (Asley Burch as Aloy) and Game of the year. Sadly, Horizon Forbidden West didn't win a single reward.


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