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Here is first gameplay from Dr Disrespect's game Deadrop that "blows out CoD engine"

Published: 11:23, 30 July 2022
screenshot of deadrop showing firing range level
Dr. Disrespect's game is named Deadrop and it doesn't really blow Call of Duty engine out of the water

Dr Disrespect's Midnight Society studio have revealed the first gameplay footage of their upcoming shooter that is officially named Deadrop.

Esports icon Dr Disrespect has promised something quite groundbreaking for  his first game called Deadrop . However, after the first gameplay was officially shared today, the reactions from players are probably not what he and the team were expecting, to say the least. 

Deadrop is described as "the world's first vertical extraction shooter" and we got to see a couple of minutes of what appears to be early, firing range level gameplay. 

Check out some gameplay clips in a Twitter thread by Okami below:

Dr Disrespect recently suggested that Deadrop is soo good that it would make Call of Duty engine look inferior with only one screenshot. "I can take a screenshot right now...blows out anything from [Call of Duty] engine," he said.

Many players were sceptical then and it turns out they were right to doubt such a statement. We wouldn't say that the game looks bad, quite the contrary, the art style looks quite clean and nice, it's just nowhere near Call of Duty in terms of visuals, movement and gunplay. 

One of the reasons for this lies in the fact that Deadrop is still  very early in development and there's still a ton of work to be done on the animations and weapons.

Dr Disrespect should have probably thought about that fact before saying Deadrop can blow the world's biggest shooter franchise out of the water.

Midnight Society deadrop game logo on black background Deadrop is called a vertical extraction shooter, and will be developed closely with players

Deadrop does not have a concrete release date just yet. The dev team will continue to release small snippets of the game, which they call "snapshots", to select members of the community.

The team will update snapshots every six weeks with additional features, mechanics, and assets based on the discussions with the community.


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