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Hearts of Iron 4 updates weather effects to have more impact

Published: 02:24, 27 August 2021
Paradox Interactive
If you're playing with a lot of mods, your invades will now be less choppy, that's for sure

Greetings all, and welcome back for a slightly less content-focused dev diary than our latter soviet efforts. Today a couple of smaller additions to be added in NSB will be covered, some of which have been hinted at before.

One of the long-standing goals with the new supply system was to introduce some changes to the way weather affects the gameplay experience. To give some strategic relevance to weather, developers have slowed down the system to modulate between potential weather effects on a less frequent basis. This gives a player some time to react to potentially advantageous/disadvantageous conditions, as well as being somewhat more predictable on a larger scale.

In addition to this, they've taken a broad look at the combination of stat effects on ground conditions, temperatures, and weather, in order to mesh more closely with the new supply system and to give a greater impact on campaigns - especially those conducted in adverse conditions:

  • In addition to Org recovery, the weather will now affect org loss from movement, and in extreme cases, supply consumption.
  • While temperature has no new modifier effects, developers have taken a pass on temperature data across the world, with the intention of improving accuracy.
  • Ground conditions now also have the potential to affect org loss on moving divisions. This becomes particularly important in muddy/cold conditions such as the eastern front, where the combination of various conditional effects can severely slow an advance.

Paradox Interactive Fighting against the Nazis in the USSR will now be harder The most famous weather effect in WWII, the Russian winter

Visually the weather effects have been updated to be easier to spot on the map, with updated particle effects weather will look better than ever. This also makes it clearer when a region is experiencing a weather event so you can react to it faster.

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