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Hearthstone hits 100 million, Blizzard giving out free cards

Published: 08:24, 06 November 2018
Official logo for Hearthstone's expansion The Boomsday Project
Hearthstone, The Boomsday Project

While Blizzard were busy making and hitting their Diablo shaped bumps in the road, Hearthstone has raced by the 100 million player mark so the company, or should we say Team 5, are giving out five free card packs from The Boomsday Project.

Granted, they're still technically Blizzard but are notable for being a small team that sort of broke away from Blizzard's mould to do their own thing, including Ben Brode, who has since . The team has grown significantly since then and the lads and lasses that worked on Hearthstone posted the video above, where they thanked their loyal players.

As a gift, Hearthstone players will be getting six free card packs from the game's sort-of-science flavoured expansion The Boomsday Project. All you need to do is log in between 07 and 11 November 2018 and claim your free stuff. 

To make matters even more interesting, especially for players who insist on cheapskating through the game, you'll actually be able to win up to 500 gold. Should you stick around after picking up your Hearthstone freebies, you'll be getting a Celebrate the Players quest "which rewards 100 gold when you play a friendly challenge."

The catch is that you can actually repeat the quest for up to five times, which amounts to the aforementioned 500 gold. Team 5 wrote that "You’ll need to complete the introductory quests “First Blood” and “The Duelist” to unlock daily quests, (or “Ready for Action” if you’re a returning player)."

Hearthstone's developer is also gearing up for the release of the game's next expansion, Rastakhan's Rumble, which features 135 all new cards and is scheduled for launch on 04 December 2018. If the name wasn't enough of a hint, Rastakhan is the king of the Zandalari trolls and the expansion will host "a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred, rough-and-tumble, beautifically brutal gladiatorial celebration of all things troll".

You can find Hearthstone's announcement of the free The Boomsday Project card packs and if you're interested in learning more on the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion, you can do so

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