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Hattrick Anniversary League transfer start date and other details

Published: 11:16, 24 March 2022
Hattrick Limited
Hattrick Anniversary League
Hattrick Anniversary League

Hattrick is celebrating 25 years of existence and those who got to participate in the new league might be wondering when the transfers will be enabled, among other things.

Hattrick Anniversary League has not officially kicked off yet but the participating players who got their teams in the first draw might be wondering when the transfers will be enabled, for the purpose of crafting a team that will compete for promotion.

The answer is that the transfers will be enabled on Tuesday, March 29, 2022. While this may sound odd at first, it starts to make sense when you remember that participation in the league has been awarded in waves, so some managers will get their team later than others. With a delayed start on transfers, the game will avoid providing an advantage to teams that appeared first.

On top of that, there are some other rules about transfers and promotion. First, there is a limit to how many players you can sell per season - 16. On the other hand, there is no limit to how many players you can buy.

Since we are all starting in the bottom division of HAL, promotion in the first season will be automatic for the top two teams as no qualifier matches will be played. After that, the normal promotion rules will start to apply.

Hattrick Limited Hattrick team photo Hattrick team photo

Finally, there is the question about Russian players. They are not excluded from the game but no one will be able to choose Russia as the home league. They are free to pick any other home league.

Furthermore, any revenue Hattrick generates through either Supporter subscription or ads in Russia will be forwarded to Ukraine.

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