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Halo 2 PC public beta test to start today - invites rolling out soon

Published: 11:45, 17 April 2020
343 Industries
Halo 2
Halo 2

Members of the Halo Insider program will soon start getting emails informing them that they have been chosen to take part in the Halo 2 PC public beta test. The news came from Tyler “Postums” Davis' Twitter account.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary launched for PC just last month and you will soon have your hands on Halo 2 and its remake, Halo 2: Anniversary. 

343 Industries will hold the first public beta test today, 17 April 2020. Halo community coordinator Tyler Davis announced the happy news via Twitter. In the tweet, Davis revealed that "all Ring 3 blockers have been resolved," and now the game is ready for your eyeballs.

343 Industries' use of phrases such as "flighting" and "rings" may confuse some people, but "Ring 3" just indicates the time when Halo Insiders will be able to test the upcoming game. 

Anyone can be a Halo Insider provided they have joined the Insider program. However, just signing up for the experience doesn't mean you will get a spot in the first public test.

343 Industries have a list of "Key Performance Indicators" based on what aspect of the game they are testing at the moment and the places on the program are doled out according to the list. A chance to slip into the Insider program will be given to specific people 343 Industries deem useful based on criteria such as the specific locations and particular types of hardware. 

As Tyler “Postums” Davis' tweet implies, the community will be informed when the public beta invites go out. Checking one's email is encouraged.

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