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What if Payne showed up for work instead of Freeman?

Published: 21:32, 27 May 2017
Updated: 21:42, 27 May 2017

Blessed are the modders. Half-Payne puts the titular Max Payne in Gordon Freeman's shoes on the day of Resonance Cascade. After about a year in development the mod is nearing completion, and what is up for inspection now looks beyond promising.

If you've seen the trailer above and know where this particular masterstroke of a mod is heading - waste no time and enjoy a fresh mash-up take on Half-Life. Or even better, . Development seems to be proceeding with a steady and relaxed attitude, but the concept itself is golden.

suXin Half-Payne | I'm filling in for Gordon today. Half-Payne | I'm filling in for Gordon today.

Half-Life drenched in Max Payne's noir approach to narrative tone and story delivery. The man behind the project, suXin, has tweaked the shooting mechanics and physics to accommodate Payne-style signature bullet time, mixed in some fitting voice overs, switched around some weapon models, and voila - Half-Payne.

suXin isn't just trying to cram a lot of Max Payne into Valve's classic, but the aim is rather to maintain a balance between the two titles.

suXin Half-Payne - Bullet time goodness Half-Payne - Bullet time goodness

"I try to keep Half-Life and Max Payne content balanced, hence there's not much sounds from Max Payne. Either I'm gonna include them officially and make them optional (and hell knows when, sounds are not priority at the moment), or you can do the soundpack yourself and put them as an addon for this mod, which surely will be appreciated", suXin writes on the project's ModDB .

There you have it, you can do the soundpack yourself. There is something to be said for the casual attitude with which modders get down to business. The result looks like a healthy blend of two undisputed masterpieces of gaming. This one is definitively worth keeping an eye on.

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