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H1Z1 debuts on PlayStation 4 with upwards of 1.5 million players

Published: 09:26, 24 May 2018
DayBreak Games
Military clad man shooting another man on a quad bike in H1Z1

We've got to admit that H1Z1's arrival on PlayStation 4 consoles as a free to play title was a pretty clever move by DayBreak Games, seeing as how PUBG's insistence on sticking with Microsoft hasn't really left PS4 players with much choice.

Admittedly, many PS4 owners would've given PUBG a go by now, if nothing else then to see what all the fuss is about. Indeed, it must suck pretty bad listening to Fortnite vs. PUBG debates without being able to decide for yourself. And then find yourself in the precarious situation of having to let Microsoft decide for you. You, a PS4 owner. It'd be funny if it wasn't sad.

Anyway, H1Z1 arrived on PS4, albeit to some initial server clogging issues. Those have since been fixed though, so it was all smooth sailing afterwards, until Daybreak's battle royale hit 1.5 million players.

DayBreak redesigned the game , adding weapons, new UI and hurrying the action along somewhat. The controls have been tailored specifically for PS4 controllers as well. 

H1Z1 producer Terrence Yee said that players have obviously positively responded to DayBreak's "reimagining" of the game. They think they've found the "right balance" for battle royale on consoles too, although they "will continue to refine the game based on feedback from Open Beta".

To be fair, DayBreak seem to have done a good job, with some suggesting PUBG should take notice in regards to their Xbox One launch. Brendan Greene's battle royale arrived on Xbox capped at 30 frames per second and a buggy mess in general. In their defence, this has since been fixed. The bugs, not the frame cap.

After about three years in early access, H1Z1 had its full PC launch on 28 February 2018. Less than a week into its full career though, TheyBreak Games , which was pretty sad. Considering what sort of giant H1Z1 was expected to mature into, one cannot but draw parallels to TheyBreak's other game, Planetside 2. Needless to say, the giant thing never happened.

Daybreak Games A garden with a house and a water tower H1Z1

Note that H1Z1's PS4 version is still in so you may want to adjust your expectations accordingly.

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