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GTA Online rewards tripled for Air Races, Motor Wars, double on Air Freight Cargo

Published: 10:51, 07 January 2021
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GTA Online, Paragon R
GTA Online, Paragon R

GTA Online's bonuses and rewards for the week of January 7, 2021, have been data-mined and Rockstar are tripling down on Air Races and Motor Wars Adversary Mode.

Once again, the data mine comes from the usual suspect, i.e. Tez2 on Twitter, who's been diligently digging around Rockstar's files to uncover today's bonuses. Rockstar will be releasing more detailed notes later in the day, but this is the gist of it. 

Anyway, GTA Online players are getting triple GTA$ and RP on Air Races and Motor Wars Adversary Mode, as well as double the rewards for Air Freight Cargo. 

The dev's New Year's generosity is clearly over, as GTA Online's login unlocks are back to single items, and this week's item is the Güffy Double Logo Forwards Cap. There's a potential another freebie lurking in there, though, as players who steal loot during Cayo Perico Heist unlock the Bigness Faces Sweater. 

Following GTA Online's discounts on high-end condos and executive offices, we're back with the Los Santos proletariat, wink wink, so this week's price cuts are 30 per cent off of Hangars and an equal discount on Hangar Renovations. 

Rockstar's biggest vehicle discounts are reserved for hypercars and choppers, and the following will be 40 per cent off:

  • Cyclone ($1,134,000)
  • Visione ($1,350,000)
  • Havok ($1,380,540 - $1,038,000)
  • Valkyrie ($2,274,300 - $1,710,000)

Slightly lower, 25 per cent discounts are reserved for:

  • Alkonost ($3,262,500 - $2,446,875)
  • Stealth Annihilator ($2,902,500 - $2,176,875)

GTA Online's podium vehicle for the week is the Paragon R, while the Weevil is available for purchase. The premium race is Muscle in, while Time Trial and RC Time Trial are Casino and Cypress Flats respectively.

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