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GTA Online players are getting spammed by cheaters now

Published: 12:44, 17 March 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Lester's inner demons
GTA Online - Lester's inner demons

GTA Online players found themselves in a bind once again as Rockstar 's safety measures failed, once again.

Previously, the cheaters were able to get people banned and while the latest exploit isn't nearly as detrimental, it is still a major dampener in a player's attempt to enjoy the game.

Namely, people found themselves to be targets of spam messages in a few different ways.

One of them is an apparent bounty that automatically gets placed on a seemingly random player. The bounty expires almost immediately and the victim keeps getting a message that the "target" survived the $-99,999,999 bounty placed on them.

The nonsensical message then keeps repeating and the only thing people can do right now is to reduce notification frequency by going to Settings, then Notifications and switching Message Frequency to one hour.

Rockstar Games GTA Online What GTA Online currently feels in relation to modders and Rockstar

Another way cheaters are spamming players is through Lester as the frequency of his calls became unbearable recently. Initially, people thought this is just a glitch but as it turns out, modders can somehow induce these calls and significantly disrupt anything the legitimate player is trying to do.

Neither of these issues are harmful in a way that could get your account banned but it may be for the best if you stick to Invite Only sessions for the time being if you want to play uninterrupted.


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