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GTA Online getting Import/Export week, free Merryweather services

Published: 08:13, 17 May 2019
Rockstar Games
GTA Online character in a car shop
GTA Online, Import/Export week

There hasn't been a better time to celebrate GTA V's recent milestones than with a GTA Online update, and the Import/Export weeks brings Sell Mission bonuses, free Merryweather services, Biker Supply discounts and few more goodies.

So, this week in Los Santos features a 25 per cent bonus on illicit car sales in Import/Export Sell missions and the off lasts until 22 May 2019.

If two-wheeler hustling is more of your forte, then Rockstar have you covered as the update also knocks 25 per cent off of Biker Business Supplies in the same period.

Rockstar also threw in 2X GTA$ salary for Bodyguards and Associates, and players that join an Organization from now to 22 May will "enjoy a cheeky pay bump."

GTA Online's Entourage and Trading Places (Remix) enthusiasts are getting Double Rewards this week as well.

Trading Places (Remix) will feature guest appearances by the Juggernaut and The Beast. The Beasts may be unarmed, but they pack a mean punch in strength and agility departments, in addition to going full Predator invisibility mode. 

"Taking out a Juggernaut as the Beast lets you steal the Juggernaut’s heavy armor, thermal vision and serious munitions. Choose between Pass the Parcel and Podium Finish", Rockstar wrote.

Entourage, on the other hand, has GTA Online players protecting and evacuating Targets before Assassin teams can get to them. Assassin's get to risk it all to kill Targets, while the Target and Bodyguards are better armed, but with fewer lives to lose.

This week Los Santos residents also get to use free Merryweather Phonecall services, be they for some Ammo Drops, Mercenaries or gentle and soothing Airstrikes, wink wink.

"No judgment here – there's no shame in calling a little back-up. Simply pull up your iFruit, dial Merryweather and let them know what you need", Rockstar wrote.

Rockstar Games Several racing cars on a racing track in GTA Online GTA Online

As usual, there's some added bonuses such as Cargo Warehouse and Vehicle discounts, as well as some Premium Races.

You can check out the full GTA Online patch notes on the official website

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