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GTA Online doubles up on Special Cargo, login reward is Zit Tee

Published: 12:09, 15 October 2020
Take-Two Interactive
GTA Online vehicle Ocelot XA-21
GTA Online, Ocelot XA-21

Another week in GTA Online starts today and thanks to some data mining, we already know the rewards and bonuses coming players' way from Rockstar Games.

This week's bonuses in GTA Online have once again been revealed by Tez2, who shared the results of his digging around the game's data files via Twitter. If you're keen on getting the news early, you'd do well to drop him a follow as he's among the first to reveal them.

Onto the good stuff then - Rockstar are doubling the GTA$ and RP rewards on Special Cargo business, so hopefully, you've dipped your businessman toes into that department. 

The next one is arguably even better as the dev is tripling down on rewards for Time Trials & RC Time Trials, as well as Power Play Adversary modes. In other words, get your inner racing champ out this week if you want to reap the rewards.

As for GTA Online discounts this week, Rockstar are slashing 50 per cent off of Large Special Cargo warehouses, which should help you reap the aforementioned double GTA$ and RP rewards with maximum profit.

When it comes to vehicle discounts, there's a 40 per cent discount on Locust, SC1 and ETR1, with a bunch of 50 per cent discounts from the earlier updates. These are valid for Torero, Swinger, Savestra, 190z, Stirling GT, Rapid GT Classic, Mamba, Infernus Classic, Z-Type and Viseris. 

Last but not least are the races, with the Premium Race being Crossing Paths, while the RC Time Trial is reserved for Cypress Flats. This week's GTA Online Time Trial is End to End. 

You can find Tez2's data-mining findings on his Twitter page

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