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GTA Online bonuses for the week of October 1, 2020, unveiled

Published: 11:19, 01 October 2020
Take-Two Interactive
GTA Online, Brawler buggy
GTA Online, Brawler

GTA Online is yet to get the official patch notes but thanks to some data mining efforts, we can already peek at the weekly jobs, rewards and bonuses for the week of October 1, 2020.

Once again, the data mine is courtesy of Tez2, whose digging made the early info possible and is well worth your follow if you like getting heads ups on all things Rockstar, GTA Online included of course. 

So, this week's double GTA$ and RP rewards are reserved for Diamond Adversary modes, Business Battles and Special Vehicle Work, the latter being the missions you need to unlock trade pricess off vehicles like Ramp Buggy, Ruiner 200, Rocket Voltic and so on. 

There's the Business Battle Rewards Tee if you care to put your shift in, whereas merely logging in nets you Red The Diamond Classic Tee.

GTA Online players are getting the usual combo of old and new discounts, although players are arguing that some of the old ones have been running for far too long. There are 40 per cent discounts on Executive offices, 30 per cent discounts on Executive Office Renovations, and 25 off of Vehicle Warehouses.

As for GTA Online's vehicle discounts, Blazer Aqua, Ramp Buggy and Phantom Wedge are 40 per cent off, while the Club goes for 25 per cent less. 

Premium Race of the week is Art to Art; Time Trial takes to Great Ocean Highway whereas the RC Time Trial is set on Power Station. 

As you can see for yourself, the podium car is the Brawler, the happy medium between a race car and off-road beast that, as the story goes, should perfectly convey the image of a rich douchebag. So let's hope you're lucky enough. 

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