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GTA Online Diamonds are back as Casino Loot

Published: 13:37, 12 September 2020
Rockstar Games
GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort building
GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort

We've already received the official list of changes in this week's GTA Online update, but data miners thankfully filled in some details, like Diamonds in Casino loot.

We're talking about the GTA Online update for the week of September 10 , but what the official patch notes failed to point out is that Diamonds are back in Casino loot. 

According to data miner going by the Twitter handle Tez2, who tends to be right on these things, not only are they back in Casino loot, they're back with a high chance of finding them. 

GTA Online developer Rockstar games take Diamonds in and out of the game periodically, as they allow you to make far more than GTA$2.1 million you get for robbing the casino. It's not difficult to see the reasoning behind their decision - keeping them active all the time would make just about everyone a casino-robbing millionaire. 

As for the rest of the update, GTA Online players are getting 40 per cent off of Bunkers, and 30 per cent off of Bunker Modifications. Ocelot Ardent and Declasse Weaponized Tampa also got a 40 per cent discount until September 16, 2020. 

Expect double the GTA$ & RP rewards on all Land Grab Adversary Mode games, Business Battles and Bunker Sell missions. Simply logging into GTA Online unlocks Lemon Sports Track Pants and Lemon Sports Track Top.

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Coquette D10 promo image GTA Online - Coquette D10

A lucky spin on the Lucky Wheel may bank you the Coquette D10 for some extra rubber-burning, which the sports car obviously yearns for.  

Anywhoo, good luck in GTA Online, whether you're just picking up freebie Lemon gear, perusing the discounts, or completing activities for double the GTA$ and RP. 

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