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GTA Online finally adds missile lock-on protection for personal vehicles

Published: 12:43, 15 December 2021

Along with the Contract DLC release, GTA snuck in a few new features for personal cars. Could this mean bye-bye oppressor griefers? 

If you ever played GTA Online, you know how much of an annoyance an Oppressor griefer can be. 

As a low level, they will often be your worst nightmare if they pick you out of the bunch, and as a medium-to-high level, they are an annoyance, and basically you yourself have to travel mostly on Oppressor as well not to get targeted. 

That might change with the new update as Rockstar introduces Missile Lock-on Jammer, which is a protection that can be applied to your personal vehicles. 

Courtesy of reddit user Manfred Courtesy of reddit user Manfred

This protection will cut deep into your pocket, as it costs a whopping 400.000 $.

Another interesting new feature is the Remote control Unit, which allows you to remotely control your car. You can also detonate it by remote if you want.

The bad news is, you can only apply one of the features per car, so you have to choose between Remote control or a Lock-on jammer

If you decide on the remote control, that will cost you 235.000 $.

Both of these features are acquired through a Vehicle workshop in the agency.

Of course, there is a catch: You can only apply these features for the new cars that came with the update:

  • Bravado Buffalo STX
  • Dewbauchee Champion
  • Enus Deity
  • Enus Jubilee

Will the vehicle list expand over, time, is unknown at the moment, but we expect a big push from the community to do so.

This may not resolve the griefer issue quite yet, but it is a step in a good direction. 

Sure, you will still be able to get obliterated into oblivion with regular missiles that don't have a lock-on, however, it will take some skill now from the griefer, instead of just point & click, and it might just give low-levels a fighting chance.

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