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GRID Season 3 - Six new cars, Suzuka Circuit, Achievements, and more

Published: 12:55, 09 April 2020
Updated: 13:45, 09 April 2020
GRID - Season 3
GRID - Season 3

Codemasters' racing game is getting a third season soon. The game's Twitter account announced that the date will be "1* April". The upcoming YouTube Season 3 Showcase will tell the fans everything they need to know.

GRID's Twitter teased about the game's upcoming Season 3 last week. The teaser tweet arrived on April Fool's Day so no one was really sure if Codemasters are messing with us or is Season 3 actually around the corner.

A recent tweet from the GRID account said that GRID Season 3 is coming on 1* April. 

We will find out more at 1:00 p.m. GMT when GRID's YouTube Channel goes live with the Season 3 Showcase. The video's description teases six new cars, Suzuka Circuit, Achievements, and more.

GRID Season 2

GRID's Season 2 also brought six new cars, a further Career expansion, and a new circuit. It gave the players a chance to drive iconic cars made by Ferrari, Pagani, Brabham and others, and conquer the legendary Red Bull Ring circuit.

Season 2 introduced 15 new events using the Track Day Supercars, 15 new events using existing GRID content and three new special events, including a Ravenwest Showdown. Those who gave the Red Bull Ring a go could do so with multiple routes, weather conditions and time of day options.

No doubt the upcoming Season 3 will expand on the game's content, but we will find out soon enough as the live-stream is scheduled to start in 10 minutes at the time of writing.

Here's the rundown of all details shared during the GRID Season 3 Showcase on YouTube.

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