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Codemasters reveal Grid reboot and its release date

Published: 19:11, 21 May 2019
Picture taken from the trailer of Codemasters' new GRID

Codemasters have revealed a trailer for the new Grid game that will be fourth in the franchise but it will not be a fourth instalment. It appears that the next Grid will be a reboot and it is set for launch on Friday, 13 September 2019.

Fans of the Grid series rejoice, a new entry is coming in a few months. It will be released simultaneously for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

While this will be the fourth game in the Grid franchise, it may not necessarily be treated as the fourth instalment. It is simply called Grid, not Grid 4, meaning we are getting a reboot rather than a continuation of the original vision.

There will be some sort of play on the number four apparently as it will feature some of the most famous racing circuits from four different continents. On the other hand, there will be five car classes rather than four. Players will be able to choose their racing with GT, Touring, Stock, Muscle and Super-Modified cars.

Street racing will be available along with circuits, time attack and hot laps modes. Time attack is really what is says it is - you get a time to beat and if it runs out, you failed. Hot Laps and circuit races will likely see more action though.

Players will be able to earn new uniforms, player cards and teammates based on their progress. There is currently no information on how microtransactions might impact the game or whether players will be able to speed up progress by paying for it.

Cars will sustain damage when players collide with either other cars or the track boundaries. The damage will vary from paint trading to severe crashes. This is an interesting detail since car manufacturers often refuse to provide license if a game depicts their products being demolished.

Grid will feature a Nemesis system that will trigger once a racer hits or scratches another racer one too many times. This can cause AI cars to start seeking retribution which will apparently be a big part of the game, along with the aforementioned car damage. The reveal trailer is full of those occurrences, after all.

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